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〖Specification〗Material: Metal needle, Polyester cotton thread, Bamboo hemp clothPattern: Multi Patterns OptionalProduction time: about 4-6 hours (the production time will vary according to each person's ability)Embroidered Cloth Size: (L) x (W) 15 x 15 cm / 6 x 6 inch (appr.)〖Features〗● Valuable Hand Embroidery Set: full range of embroidery starter kit with all the tools you need to embroider.● Package Content: (1 Pack)Color Threads, (1pcs)embroidery hoop,(1pcs) bamboo hemp cloth with stamped pattern on it,(2pcs)embroidery needles.● There is delicate colored flower partten on the cloth, which will provide great help to starter. And the pattern can be washed off after you finish.● WARM TIPS: The pattern is made of special ink, meet the water will disappear, do not touch water before finishing.Embroidery hoops have a brass adjustment screw that is easy to keep the fabric tight.How to use embroidery hoops:1. Unscrew the outer hoop, place the fabric over the inner hoop, lock the outer hoop, flat the cloth, then screw but don't too tightly2. Ensure there are no pleats by continuing to flat the cloth, and pay attention to fabric to make the warp and the welt both vertical and horizontal, and finally tighten the screws so that you do not have to constantly pull the sides of the fabric to tighten3. Check the hoop whether it is tight enough. The way to check the tightness is to use a needle with thread going through the fabric surface. It is workable if there is a "bang bang" sound w
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